Favourite Baby Pokemon: Togepi
A lot of people asked me for these babies lately…
(Yep I’m falling behind sobs)

Omg guys… I was gone for 2 days for a convention.¬†How the heck did Aegislash get that much notes?! That was a big spike under 2 days…

I’m quite confused.


IDK how but thank you

Favourite Electric Rodent (Pikachu and it’s “New Generation Clones”): Dedenne
Dont drop that Dedenne!
Favourite Eeveelution: Sylveon
Well the magical girl Eevee wins this hands down. Especially the effort you have to put in to make it evolve. I name mine, Bridgit.
Favourite Water Type: Greninja
My Kalos starter. Words cannot express how much I love my baby. I named him Satoshi. I didn’t realize its Ash’s name in the Japanese version btw. ._.
Favourite Steel Type: Aegislash
A lot of my friends have convinced me that Aegislash is a great pokemon. So I got one for myself. This valiant one is Elivisa.
Favourite Rock Type: Amaura
I’m quite happy that I picked Sail Fossil and got this pretty cute Pokemon. I also like the color palette for it. Named this jolly one Alair
Favourite Psychic Type: Gallade
I’m so happy they put this evolution for male Kirlia. Master of courtesy and swordsmanship, what more could I ask from this awesome Pokemon!
I name this handsome Pokemon, Aubry. 
Favourite Poison Type: Dragalge
I caught a shiny one and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s so pretty!~ *A*
Named this one Carión.
Favourite Normal Type: AmbipomQuite useful for Heart Scale farming. This cheeky little heart stealer is, Reese.
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