Eliza from Skullgirls.

So the newest character, Eliza came out yesterday and I have mixed feelings for her… Mostly pain…

So Eliza has been released… a few days after I THOUGHT I finished my Skullgirls project. Yea, yeah I jinxed it.. Welp, its time to start drawing her then.

BTW, Eliza DLC is currently free at Steam for a limited time only so you better get it now!

Oh my god! The voice actor of Lapis Lazuli retweeted my fan art on twitter!~

Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe
So I’ve heard there’s a new cutie in town… Or in this case, the universe. Just a quick art before bed.

The final character to complete the project. Finally after many months, the Skullgirls Project is now complete for my portfolio.

Unless they release Eliza, then I’m doomed.

Well for now, I can draw other things from other fandom.

Cerebella from Skullgirls
She’s not my fave character in the game, but she’s still fun to draw. Only her hat is giving me figure problem.
Big Band from Skullgirls
Honestly, Big Band is hard to draw…I know it sound weird and he looks the most simple among the rest of the characters but he gave me the most problem in this series… DX
Did a quick sketch of Zero to keep myself awake in class.

Will clean it up later.
Looking for some Painwheel references, found a casual pic of her with a bow so I need to draw this cutie like RIGHT NOW.
So here’s a quick sketch before bed.
Painwheel from Skullgirls.
The kick ass girl with a tragic story. I have problem coloring her skin but I tried my best.
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